Our Non-Human Workers
Our dogs are working dogs, but they still get lots of love and attention and special treats.
Titus is a Turkish Kangel.  He is our Guardian dog for the sheep and cattle.  He is tall as Joey and heavier!  While Titus is weary of anyone he does not know, he is very friendly with anyone we bring to meet him.  He loves kids and belly rubs.  Titus has endured and triumphed over many a battle with local coyotes.  He can climb right over the gates and so he may occasionally be seen outside the fences.  He does not regard people outside the fences as threates to his sheep though, so no reason to be afraid of him if you do meet him outside the fences.
Autumn Glory is an English Shepherd, also called an English Collie.  She is only a few months old and is still learning the ropes on the farm.  English Shepherds are al around farm dogs.  They are known to hunt vermin, chase predators, and herd livesatock.  We are thrilled to have such a diverse addition to our farm.  Glory was terrified of Titus when she met him becuase she had never seen a dog so big!  She ran back down to the house as fast as lightning when he came out of the barn to meet her.