Meet Our Poultry

We raise a limited number of turkeys every year.  Please call for availability, or to reserve your bird.  We also take orders in December for birds for the next Thanksgiving of Christmas.  We raise heritage breeds, not comercial breeds because the turkerys are range pastured with free choice feed.
We currently raise dual purpouse breed chickens including Wyandottes,
Welsummers, Speckled Sussox, and Orpingtons.  These birds produce lovely eggs and are also large enough to be eaten.  They generally dress out as fryers, but occasionally are larger.  Our chickens have the run of a quarter acre pen and pasture on nice days.  We plan to add meat birds in the future.

Harlequin Ducks
We have a small flock of harlequin ducks whch produce both eggs and meat.  Please call for availability.

Muskovy Ducks
Muskovy ducks orgininated from South America.  They are large birds and their meat is said to taste more like veal than a traditional duck.  We now have a flock of Moskovies and one of our hens has hatched a clutch of babies!  We will have birds available for purchase this fall.