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We raise pastured (grass fed) Murray Grey beef cattle.  Our cattle are given free range of the pasture year round and will soon be grazing year round.  Murray Grey cattle produce tender, well marbled beef without being fattened on grain before processing.

Who We Are

 We use sustainable practices to protect the environment and your food!  We never use hormones on our aniamls and only use antibiotics in cases of infection.  We do not use pesticides on our pastures and use natural methods to help control weeds such as vinegar and mowing.

Eggs & Poultry

Our birds are free range pastured year round.  They enjoy eating greens and hunting bugs in their run and the fields.  They are given free access to feed and our chickens lay year round.  We offer chicken eggs as well as turkeys,  ducks and duck eggs.


Our Finn Sheep, also known as Finnish Lanrace Sheep, are pastured with the cattle.  Our flock provides both a fine boned delicately flavored  lamb and mutton as well as fine soft, lusterous wool that is perfect for hand spinning, and soft enough for baby blankets.
Eggs are Available!
Chicken Eggs 3$/dozen
Duck Eggs 4$/dozen
All our poultry is pastured and free range which means our birds spend their time grazing plants and chasing bugs.  All the extra protein and nutritioun this diet provides can be seen in our eggs which have brighter more vibrant yolks and clearer whites compared to store bought eggs.  They are also much more fresh!  Store eggs can be up to three weeks old before they are even packaged for shipping.

Just a reminder, eggs should be at least 1 week old for baking or some things may not rise properly.  Also, duck eggs are very rich and particularly nice for baking.

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Beef & Lamb

  • No need to buy a whole, half, or even a quarter, we sell individual cuts of beef and lamb.
  • Put in your beef order!   Our meat is cut to order, so tell us exactly what you want.
  • Please call for availaility, certain cuts tend to sell out fast.
  • You can see more information about our animals under the Animals heading at the top of the page.

Our beef is grass fed an pastured only.  We do not use grain.

Our lamb is mild and fine boned.