Covered Bridge Meadows is family farm located Southeast of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Our farm, and the road that runs thorugh it, are named for the historical Krepps Covered Bridge which greets visitors coming from Waterdam Road to our farm.  The annual Covered Bridge Festival is held anually the third weekend of September, next to the bridge, and next to our farm. Our farm constitutes approximately 127 acres.  Most of the land is kept in pasture, but we also have approximately 15 acres of natural areas including woods, fields, wetlands, and riparian zones.  We raise Murray Grey Cattle, Finnsheep, Muscovy Ducks, and Narragansett Turkeys. We also raise a variety of produce.
Our Mission
We use natural practices to keep weeds and pests at bay, to protect wildlife, and our products from chemical contamination. 

Our Vision
 We Dream of having a farm what not only co-exists in the natural environment, but allows wild native birds, animals, and plants to thrive.  We hope to have events that bring people here to learn about wildlife, and farms, and world aorund them.