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Finnish Landrace Sheep

Mild flavored & Fine Wooled

Why Finnsheep?
Finnish Landracers are believed to be a breed derived from Scandinavia shotrtailed sheep and Wild Mouflon.  They were improved thorugh breeding to produce sheep that survive well on poor forage, do not require tail docking, and produce lots and lots of lambs.  Finn ewes have litters of lambs, between 1 and 8 lambs per birth; and they can breed out of season producing 3 litters over 2 years.   Finnsheep  are a dual purpous breed.  They have a very mild tender meat.  Because they are fine boned, they dress out with more meat per pound than other meat breeds.  They produce a fine lusterous wool which is soft enough for baby blankets.  Finnsheep can raise up two three babies without assistance because they are such good milk producers.  For this reason they can also be milked for cheese production, though we currently have no plans to do so with our sheep.