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Here is a list of all the plants and aniamals that have been seen on our farm, if you have any to add, let us know!
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  1. Red-Tailed Hawk
    Red-Tailed Hawk
    We have two resident Red-Tails on our farm. We believe they are a mating pair. They keep a watchful eye on the chickens.
  2. Baltimore Oriole
    Baltimore Oriole
    We have at least one resident Baltimore Oriole. He can be seen along the road and in the field near the berry brambles.
  3. Bald Eagle
    Bald Eagle
    The resident Bald Eagle at Cherry Valley Estates, right over the hill from us, occasionally pays a visit to the farm. He likes to come check out the chicken coop, but our Red-Tailed hawks usually send him on his way.

Brian Smalls

Jeffery Foltice

Raymond Lee

Paul higgins

  1. Eastern King Bird
    Eastern King Bird
    Eastern King Birds can be seen sitting on the telephone wires near our house.
  2. Barn Swallows
    Barn Swallows
    One of my favorite birds, we have lots of barn swallows which make their nests in our barns and eat lots of bugs!
  3. Great Blue Heron
    Great Blue Heron
    Great Blue Herons occasionally visit the creek that runs parallel to our road.
  1. Bluebird
    Bluebirds can be seen all over the farm fields.

Hugh Vandervoort